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Baratta’s Burglary: Crook Caught on Camera

A burglar stole around $500 from the Baratta’s Conference Center in downtown Des Moines over the weekend.

The Baratta’s owners put in security cameras after the conference center was burglarized for the first time back in June. They’re hoping the security footage will help them catch whoever broke in overnight Saturday.

Co-owner Joe Gatto watched the footage over and over.

“It’s not a good feeling to watch this. It just kind of gives you a sick feeling in your stomach,” he said. “The feeling doesn’t go away, each time you feel violated.”

Thanks to the security footage, he’s also seen the eyes of whoever stole from him as well as a tattoo on the man’s wrist.

You can read the whole story HERE.

Other than that slip up, the crook went about his business methodically.

“He’s very thorough, he knows what he’s doing and he’ll do it again,” Gatto said.

The crook knowing his way around the building is partly why the video makes Gatto so sick.

“Somebody obviously knows our system and currently works for me because the cameras have only been here for two months,” Gatto said.

“I’d like to get him off the street before he does it to anybody else.”

The owners said at this point they’re probably going to get a security system for the building and stop keeping cash on site.

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